Barking Up the Wrong Tree - Book Cover

Why are so many animal welfare and protection organisations in operation yet shelters are struggling to cope with all the stray dogs?
Why are there so many animal abuse cases, yet legislation focuses more and more on animal rights and protection?
Why do breeders still breed dogs when there are more than enough dogs already?
These are typical of the kind of questions we constantly hear about animal welfare and protection issues, particularly those relating to dogs.
‘Barking Up the Wrong Tree – An Essay on Animal Welfare and Protection’ focuses on the major and general issues of animal welfare and protection, and tries to discover what we have misunderstood, what we have missed, and what we need to do in order to understand the situation of dogs and to be able to find a cure for the current worldwide animal welfare issue of strayed and neglected dogs.
The book delves into the problems at the much deeper levels we usually prefer to ignore, or don’t even realise have any effect on the life of dogs. It covers many of the aspects of society that have any influence on the topic and finally tries to give some ideas for bringing about change.
This book provides a thought-provoking examination of the misunderstandings that we constantly see throughout social media and issues a challenge to the way we humans usually think about our four-legged friends.